Win a 2016 Happiness Planner!

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Give thanks ... win a planner - cup of coffee with heart, fall leaves, and a notebook

We are super excited to announce the FIRST EVER Pink Typewriter Project giveaway!!!


Being as how both Dawn and I are slightly obsessed (OK, really obsessed!!) with pretty notebooks, handwritten to do lists, and inspirational quotes it’s no surprise that we both also LOVE a good planner! I’ve tried keeping my to do lists and schedule on my phone and my laptop with all sorts of different software programs and online solutions, but nothing beats the simplicity and joy of writing it down in your own handwriting, in a beautiful planner, preferably with inspiring quotes for each week!


“A goal without a plan is just a wish.” ― Antoine de Saint-Exupéry #plannergiveaway Click To Tweet


Dawn has really inspired me over the past month to experiment with keeping a gratitude journal and the benefits have been amazing. I’ve been writing down 5 things each night before bed that I’m grateful for. It hardly takes any time at all. Now I find myself being able to more easily see the bright side of negative events, appreciate the small things in life, and let go of irritations that I may have held onto for days in the past. This has helped me to be happier in general and I love that!

2016 In the Garden of Happiness PlannerHere is the contest!!!


We want everyone to be happier and more positive and with Thanksgiving just a little over two weeks away, we decided to challenge our family, friends, and followers to trying a week of gratitude. Thanksgiving seemed like the perfect time to commit to a new practice of being thankful!

For the week of Thanksgiving – Monday, November 23 to Friday, November 27 – we challenge you to five days of gratitude.

Each day Dawn and I will post what we are thankful for and will look for what you are thankful for in the comment section of each post. Everyone who leaves us a comment on each of the five daily posts will have their name put into a random drawing for a 2016 In the Garden of Happiness Planner! We both have this planner and have already started using it. It is beautifully illustrated with fabulous quotes each week to keep you moving towards a more mindful and happier you!

Please share this contest with your family and friends so we can gather more inspiration and they can have a chance to win!

If you have any questions about the contest, please put them in the comments section below and we will answer them. Looking forward to seeing what everyone is grateful for this Thanksgiving!



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