Week 3 Happiness Prompt

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The Week 3 Tap into Happiness Prompt!

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Our prompts are designed to help you think about how you can Tap into Happiness in 2016. Take a quick minute or as much time as you can spare. Jot down your answers in your journal, share them in the comments, or just answer the questions in your head. There’s no wrong way to approach this. The prompts are here to help you in whatever way works best for you.

Today in America, we commemorate the birth of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and his dream for a better world. One of my favorite quotes from Dr. King says simply and profoundly, “Life’s most urgent question is: What are you doing for others?” In recent posts, Dana and I have both shared research that says serving others is a great way to boost one’s happiness and sense of well-being. Plus, individuals with a heart for service can and do make a positive impact on the world. We can — as individuals and the Pink Typewriter Community — make a difference in so many lives.

How would you complete the following sentences:

1) I am most touched by the need I see in the area of…

2) I can make a difference in that area by…

3) During the next week, I commit to working in my area of greatest concern by …

Please share your responses below.


One thought on “Week 3 Happiness Prompt

  1. Dana Thompson

    Hi Dawn!

    I love this week’s prompt and how it is asking me to ACT on my intentions in the next week. I just finished my own customized planner for 2016 (stay tuned for that post tomorrow friends!) and one of the things I wrote in the planner were some great words of wisdom from one of my favorite personal growth gurus Leonie Dawson. In it I wrote her advice to “turn your intentions into actions” in order to realize your dreams.

    To answer your questions:

    1. One of my dreams is to end the tragic homelessness of so many pets in our area. As an animal lover and mom to 5 rescue dogs, it breaks my heart to know that animals are being euthanized due to lack of homes and irresponsible pet ownership.

    2. I hope to make a difference in this area this year by donating both my time and money to local rescue groups. I have already volunteered to redesign our local fundraising group’s website and hope that will help bring in more funds for dog rescue in our area.

    3. This week I commit to contacting the group and setting up a meeting to talk about the website and what they need it to do for them.

    Thank you for this prompt Dawn! I know I am guilty of having good intentions when it comes to volunteering and giving, but it often gets pushed to the bottom of the list in my busy day-to-day life. I will be scheduling service into my new planner!


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