Week 2 Prompt

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Typewriter typing What a wonderful beginning

The Week 2 Tap into Happiness Prompt!


Our prompts are designed to help you think about how you can Tap into Happiness in 2016. Take a quick minute or as much time as you can spare. Jot down your answers in your journal, share them in the comments, or just answer the questions in your head. There’s no wrong way to approach this. The prompts are here to help you in whatever way works best for you.


Read back through or think back over your answer to last week’s question about the one thing you’d like to change. When you think about that one thing, how would you complete the following sentences:

1) I want to change this because…

2) Once I make this change I will be or will be able to…

3) One step that I can make today toward this change is…

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