‘Tis the Season to Be Grateful

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Tree with cute birds saying "With grateful hearts"

I’ve seen on Facebook where many of my friends are already decorating for Christmas. I LOVE Christmas and can hardly wait to put up my trees, but I’m hesitant to fast-forward through November.

Nestled between Halloween and Decking the Halls is an important moment to take a deep breath and just be thankful. Here at The Pink Typewriter Project, we are great believers in the importance of gratitude.

We’ve shared studies that prove gratitude helps us be happier and healthier.

We’ve shared our personal stories of how gratitude helps us when stress and negativity begin breathing down our necks.

We’ve shared hopes for inspiring others to embrace gratitude more fully and to make it a part of daily practice.

I’ll be the first to admit — and I’m sure Dana would be right behind me — that I sometimes get neglectful. Busyness or just inattention may crowd those gratitude moments out of one day and then the next until suddenly I realize it’s been awhile before I’ve truly taken stock.

Life has a way of pulling our attention back, and that happened for me this fall through the loss of my dad. Even as we mourned his passing and said goodbye for now, my family and I talked about how our hearts were just overflowing with gratitude — for the gift of him, for what he meant to each of us and to so many others, and for what he has given us that helps us as we face the future.



And today, on this side of moments I’d dreaded for much of my 46 years, I more fully understand the importance of being grateful — and showing that gratitude each day.

52 Lists of HappinessSo, Dana and I are super happy to offer us all the opportunity to exercise our gratitude muscles. During the week of Thanksgiving, we invite you to take part in our second annual Gratitude Challenge. Each morning during Thanksgiving Week, Monday through Friday, we’ll post an update and invite you to respond with a note of gratitude of your own. All those who respond all five days will be entered in a drawing to win 52 Lists of Happiness, a book of journaling prompts designed to help build happiness. Dana and I found the book on a recent lunch outing and decided it would be a perfect giveaway for this year’s challenge.

We hope you’ll join us. It would make us ever so grateful.

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