‘Thursday starts with a T, too’

SunflowersI admit it. I can be really hard on myself.

I set lots of goals — sometimes pretty tough goals — and then feel down in the dumps when I don’t live up to every one of them.

The great irony is that I even do it when it comes to this blog, which of course is designed to promote positivity.

Last week, Dana and I talked about our goals for the Pink Typewriter Project over the next few weeks. We both agreed that we’d do a better job of writing a post a week. I said I’d like to write my post over the weekend and have it go live on Tuesday. Dana said that sounded good and claimed Wednesday for her own.

You may at this point be thinking, “Wait. Today’s not Tuesday. Did I miss your Tuesday post?”

Well, no. I did. 

My self-imposed deadline flew right by. And I really wasn’t too happy with myself for letting it happen.

I told Dana about it over lunch today and she said the most profound thing: “Thursday starts with a T, too. Just do it then.”

I just kind of froze for a second as I processed that thought. The solution was brilliant in its simplicity.

You fell down? Get up.

You got off track? Get back on.

You haven’t met that goal you set? Keep going or, if necessary, start again.

So often, we paint our own worlds in black or white, good or bad, success or failure. While I’m quick to be understanding of others, I often fail miserably when it comes to cutting myself a little slack.

Tonight as I thought about Dana’s advice it occurred to me that there are other days that start with a T, too: Today and Tomorrow. 

Do you need a fresh start on working toward a personal goal? Maybe it’s that New Year’s resolution that seemed like a good idea but has gotten a little stale forgotten on the back of the shelf. Forgive yourself for yesterday — for missing your Tuesday or lots of Tuesdays — and begin again.

Today seems like the perfect time to me, or if it’s too busy, try tomorrow. We’ll be here to cheer you on either way.

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