Thoughts on gratitude and being satisfied

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Leaves with the words enough and content

I decided to do a little gratitude experiment. Using my image service, I searched for pictures related to the word “enough.”

Care to guess what I found?

Exasperated faces. Raised hands. Body language saying “enough is enough.”

Not exactly what I had in mind for a post on gratitude.

So I tried the word “content.” Think of that being a synonym for “satisfied” rather than just some kind of data to be input. If you’re able to do that, you’re way ahead of my search engine. I got visual representations of bytes and computer arrows — not even a single fuzzy sleeping kitten in the first two pages.

Then I realized I tend to do the same thing.

It can be an easy thing to focus more on generating content and declaring I’ve had enough than I focus on feeling contentment and being thankful for how much I do have.

My hope — no, my prayer is that I’ll become more mindful and focus on being grateful and on feeling contentment.

My Google search did yield some great quotes on contentment, and I’ll share one of my favorites.  “Contentment is not the fulfillment of what you want, but the realization of how much you already have.” — Unknown

Here’s to a wonderful Thanksgiving season for all of us.

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One thought on “Thoughts on gratitude and being satisfied

  1. Dana Thompson

    I love this post Dawn! It’s such a wonderfully unique way of looking at words and their dual meaning and applying that to everyday life. I’ve never seen it put quite this way and it really made me think. I know I often focus on the things that I’ve “had enough of” rather than the blessings of those areas of my life where I should be grateful for “having enough”. Thank you for sharing this!


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