Tap into Happiness in 2016 – Week 1 Prompt

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Welcome to 2016
& the Week 1 Tap into Happiness Prompt!
We are so glad you are part of
the Pink Typewriter Project World.


Our prompts are designed to help you start thinking about how you can Tap into Happiness in 2016. Take a quick minute or as much time as you can spare. Jot down your answers in your journal, share them in the comments, or just answer the questions in your head. There’s no wrong way to approach this. The prompts are here to help you in whatever way works best for you.

When you think about this new year, how would you complete the following sentences:

1) I look forward to…

2) I am most excited about…

3) One thing I’d like to change is…

6 thoughts on “Tap into Happiness in 2016 – Week 1 Prompt

  1. Patty Rogers

    I look forward to incorporating “The Daniel Plan” into the healthy eating/exercise part of my life! My cousin, Elizabeth, gave me the book for Christmas, and we are both starting the plan!

    I am most excited about LIFE!! I love living in Cedartown, close to my mom and stepdad, being involved in my church family! I also enjoy keeping up with my friends from Peachtree City, Florida, north Ga, and Alabama!! Someone told me yesterday that they see “JOY” all over my face! It’s true!!

    One thing I’d like to change is…eating and exercise habits. This will affect my overall health and contribute to increased joy and happiness!!

  2. Dawn Tolbert Post author

    I love your answers, Patty! I’m right there with you on the diet and exercise focus and on being more connected with family and friends. You go, girl.

  3. Dana Thompson

    Patty, I love your enthusiasm and your joy shines through even in your posts!

    I have not heard of The Daniel Plan, but you have got me curious as a cat about to jump into a paper bag and I’m going to look it up. I always find it hard to follow a healthy eating plan for longer than a few weeks and I’m always on the hunt for the one that may stick. I have IBS and a clean eating diet has really helped to get rid of my symptoms and I feel better than I have in quite a while. That is what I am trying to stick to this year.

    This year I look forward to learning more about the science of happiness, practicing happiness, and sharing my story with our friends here at The Pink Typewriter Project. I’m hoping we can all support each other and truly make a difference in each others lives.

    I’m most excited about sharing this journey with all of you! I’m super excited about all we have planned for The Pink Typewriter Project this year. Dawn and I have mapped out the year and can’t wait to share our ideas with all of you!

    One thing I’d like to change is …wow, just one thing? LOL! That’s a hard one to pick. I’m always struggling to eat better and exercise more. Most of us are in that boat I think. I’d really like to increase my ability to handle stress better. During my masters degree I got so stressed out that I started experiencing health problems. I know life is going to be full of stressors, both big and small, and I want to learn how to deal with that stress in a more positive way.

    Looking forward to this journey with you! I think the happiness prompts, if thought about carefully each week, are going to help all of us be happier this year! 🙂

    1. Dawn Tolbert Post author

      Dana, I am super excited to hear more about what you learn about the science of happiness!

      I haven’t written my responses to the prompts yet; this week sure did fly by! I did want to be sure not to miss the opportunity though! Here goes:

      1) I look forward to growing and stretching myself in new ways in 2016. I am so thankful for the support of so many friends, including those here in the Pink Typewriter Project, and my wonderful family. It’s great to know that I have people who want to see me do my best.

      2) I share Dana’s excitement for our plans for 2016 and am praying that God will use the PTWP to really touch lives.

      3) The one thing I’d like to change is to be kinder to myself and to rest in God’s care more. I can be very hard on myself, and this year I want to learn to be happy instead of being so harsh with myself. That kindness also extends to being better about self care — from eating better and exercising more to taking more time to pray, read scripture and trust God rather than acting like I’m the one responsible for everything.

  4. Kirsten Rosetti

    Ooh, I like these prompts! 🙂
    This year I look forward to getting to know more wonderful people in the online world.
    I am most excited about getting my website fully launched. I have a bunch of plans for it and I can’t wait to get started.
    One thing I’d like to change is my self-care practice. I want to do more journaling and more yoga this year.

  5. Dawn Tolbert Post author

    That’s awesome Kirsten. I’m glad the prompts were helpful.

    Can’t wait to see how the website develops. I love the idea of journaling and doing yoga. We’re glad to have you with us. 🙂


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