Take that, Fear!!

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Fear is a sneaky thing. Just when I’ve conquered one hurdle, I round the next corner and find it there, crouching in the shadows, just waiting to derail me. Take my journey of writing my novel for example.

First, there was the dreaded blank page, with Fear whispering I had nothing worthwhile to share.

Next came the inevitable hurdles in the story along with Fear’s reminder that I’m not clever enough to iron out the problems.

Fear practically shouted for months as the finished draft sat untouched, unlooked at on my computer. “It’s not any good,” it told me.

I signed up for a writer’s conference, but Fear convinced me not to give out business cards that said I was a writer.

I met a great writer friend, but Fear tried to keep me from sending my manuscript to her.

Now, Fear is having a field day with my book proposal…or should I say, with the thought of the book proposal.

But I’ve learned something important: Fear works hard to keep me cowering. It's up to me whether I cower or not. Click To Tweet

Dana wrote a great post last week on not allowing fear to rob us of our dreams. I, for one, am tired of being controlled by Fear. I’m fighting back!

“No more, Fear. Do you hear me? I’m through with cowering.”

Do you struggle with Fear? What have you done to overcome Fear?

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