Spring is Springing @ The Pink Typewriter Project

photo bombers at our photo shoot

Hey, everyone! Dana and I are back from our Spring Break and are hard at work on a redo of The Pink Typewriter Project website. We can’t wait for you to see the new look, which we plan to unveil in the next few weeks. Hopefully, the new site will do a better job of showcasing the Pink Typewriter community and sharing what we’re all about.

Speaking of which, Dana and I got a great reminder this weekend while taking care of the first item on our to-do list: getting some fun pictures of us to use in the redesign. Our amazing photographer friend Aimee was kind enough to take the photos and the house she and her husband have renovated and placed on the market provided the perfect location for the pictures.

Location, location, location!

Let me tell you, that house is gorgeous. Built in 1870 or so, it’s just brimming with character and charm, and the renovations blend in to give it an amazing farm house feel. I’m not sure if Aimee planned it or not, but her father-in-law was even on hand sewing grass seeds to give it just the right touch! {or maybe just to give it grass! ha ha}

Well, the house was quite the bevy of activity Saturday morning. We’d finished shooting on the porch and had moved into a back room when we heard a small knock on the door and a hello rang out. A young girl — about 9 or 10 — had wandered down from her grandparents’ house down the road. She used to live in this house, she told us, a looonnnnggg time ago. You know, back when she was little. She explored the rooms, visiting her memories, before her grandmother called for her to come home.

The Photo Bombers

We’d moved into the kitchen for the next set of shots when several cars pulled up in the driveway, bringing a family and their real estate agent, who was there to show them the house. We had a great time chatting with the agent (who also loved the house!) and invited her to visit us here at The Pink Typewriter Project. [If you’re reading this, be sure and say hi in the comments and know we’re glad you’re here!]

Anyway, both visits were unexpected but they added great fun to our day and gave us extra reasons to laugh and to get to know new people. It was a great reminder for Dana and me about our purpose here at the Pink Typewriter Project — bringing people together, forming community, and having a good time in the process.

Ever had a similar experience where something unexpected happened but it actually made your day more fun than you’d planned? Would you, like our young friend, like to roam through a place you lived when you were a kid? What would you most like to see? We hope you are having a good time in our Pink Typewriter World and encourage you to join the conversation by leaving a comment below or on our Facebook post.



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