One person can make a difference

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Water drop making ripples and inspirational quotesIn the past few years, I have felt the evil of the world creeping into my soul and deeply wounding my heart. News of all the bad deeds – terrorist attacks, murders, bullying, animal cruelty and domestic violence, to name a few – were like a chisel chipping away at all my feeble attempts to be positive and live a happy and peaceful life. I felt the burden of all that was wrong in the world.

Anxiety began to visit and never called to ask if it was a convenient time, showing up at all hours while I was sitting at my desk at work, driving home, or just having dinner with my husband. Here anxiety would come, unannounced and unwelcome, to ruin my joy. It came more often and I couldn’t will it to go away. When anxiety entered, positivity slinked out the back door, quietly leaving the room in my mind where it now felt unwanted. But I desperately wanted it to stay and help me deal with all the negative baggage anxiety brought along. I felt alone and helpless to make a difference.

The question began to haunt me. Could one person make a difference in this world? After much fighting with anxiety, I finally realized the answer is most definitely yes. Every good deed is like a water droplet in the middle of a pond sending out a ripple of positivity that washes over anyone in its path. One good deed, kind word, or loving gesture of gratitude could change a life forever.

In my work with rescue dogs I have seen this scenario play out many times. It often seems like every time you place a dog with a new family another homeless dog shows up to take its place. You often get discouraged, feeling like you are putting a band aid on a bullet wound. But there is a saying I love that directly speaks to this issue.

Saving one dog will not change the world, but surely for that one dog, the world has changed forever. Click To Tweet

I believe the same applies to helping others. You never know when something you say or do to help someone else may change their life in untold ways. In return, your life is infused with more positivity, more joy, and less anxiety. This is what my friend Dawn and I had in mind when we created The Pink Typewriter Project; to be grateful for our many blessings, to look outside of ourselves and explore the ways in which we can be a blessing to others, and to make a positive impact one good deed at a time.

And hopefully to show anxiety to the door.


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