A New Year’s Lesson Inspired by a Dear Friend

Bishop David Braziel

Most of you know that Dana and I work together in our professional lives as well as in the Pink Typewriter World. We’re blessed to work with some pretty incredible people in our day jobs, and one of the highlights of my work day is when I drive through the front gate in the morning or on the way back in from lunch.

The gate?, you ask. Yep. And it’s all because of one person who chooses to make a difference. Allow me to introduce you to my friend, Bishop David Braziel. [The link will take you to a recent feature we wrote about him.]

I first got to know Bishop Braziel the way most people do, by being on the receiving end of one of his friendly waves and huge smiles as I came to work. I started taking the time to hit the brakes for a few seconds and roll down the window to say hello. Soon, I found myself looking forward to our chats.

See, Bishop Braziel isn’t content to merely do his job. He wants to use it to make a difference in the lives of every person who comes on campus each day. He views his job, as he puts it, as being “Jesus at the Gate.” His waves and smiles are a way of sharing the love of Christ.

On Monday, we came back to work after a blissful Christmas break, and sure enough, there was Bishop Braziel ready with a wave, a smile, and a welcome back. In fact, he’d used his time while working over the holidays to make a hand-lettered sign that welcomed us back home. It really helped make the first Monday back after break a little brighter.

So, for this new year, I am choosing to look to Bishop Braziel for a life lesson. I want to not just do the things I do well, but also to do them with a spirit that makes an impact on others around me. I want to be the bright spot in someone’s day. Anyone with me?

One thought on “A New Year’s Lesson Inspired by a Dear Friend

  1. Dana Thompson

    I’m with you on this one for sure Dawn! We are so blessed to start our day with a kind word, a big smile, and wave from Bishop Braziel! I love his positive outlook on work and how it is a way to make a difference in the lives of others. I think we both impact people with the work we do, but sometimes it’s harder to see since we are more behind the scenes. That is why I love the PTWP as a way to make a difference in the lives of people even more far reaching than our local area!


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