Let’s Go Singing and Dancing in the Rain

illustration of umbrella and rain boots

I like pretty umbrellas.

For years, I had one that was white and looked like flowers had rained down on it. My favorite one now has pretty red birds helping to shelter me from the rain.

When I shop for a new umbrella, I try to find the cheeriest one out there. Often, my choice leaves my hubby saying “That’s okay. I’ll get wet.” should we find ourselves walking together in the rain.

Driving Larry into the rain isn’t my point, but my umbrella choices are on purpose. They’re designed not simply to fight away the rain, but also to fight away the gloominess that descends with it.

The pretty umbrella is my weapon against the rainy day blues.

This morning is dawning into a rainy day. The old song says that on a rainy night in Georgia, it feels like it’s raining all over the world. I’m here to tell you, rainy days in Georgia can feel that way, too. And I’m guessing it’s a fact that is not bound by geography.

Life has its rainy days, too. We find ourselves in times of trouble, where the world seems intent on pouring gloom, despair, and agony into our days. And it is easy to wallow, to focus on the rain, the wetness of our clothes, and the frizzy-ness of our hair, metaphorically speaking.

Enter our pretty umbrellas.

Rainy days will come — literally, financially, emotionally, physically. While we are shopping, before the forecast even hints at rain, we need to pick out our pretty umbrella, to figure out how we’re going to fight the gloom that we know will come some day.

I am trying to be more intentional about developing my own happiness strategy. The Pink Typewriter Project has helped me to be more mindful about how I respond when rain starts to fall. I’ve had times in the past where I’ve chosen simply to get as wet as possible in life’s rain and then to be mad about it or sad about it. But life’s too short for that.

To face today’s rain, I’m going to pick out my favorite outfit, take a little extra time with my makeup and completely ignore the ponytail holder. I’m going to do all I can to make it a more positive, sunnier day. I just might find myself singing in the rain under my pretty umbrella.

How do you fight life’s rainy days? Do you have a strategy for fighting the rainy day (or sunny day) blues? We’d love to hear about it in the comments.

3 thoughts on “Let’s Go Singing and Dancing in the Rain

  1. Jennifer Kennedy

    Great post!! I recently heard of creating an “Emergency Plan”. It’s exactly what you mention here – a way for you to prepare before a gloomy day strikes. So..for my emergency plan or on those days when I’m feeling less motivated, it’s really about taking care of myself whether that be getting more sleep, eating healthier, and taking time away from work just to relax.

    I really like your idea of having a colorful umbrella too. I actually just recently looked into my closet and realized that I have a whole lotta black. I’d love to add more sunshine and color to my wardrobe to brighten my days!

    Thanks for the article. Cheers.
    Jennifer Kennedy recently posted…34 Tools to Rock Your Business at Home + on the RoadMy Profile

  2. Dawn Tolbert Post author

    What a great idea to make sure you’re taking care of yourself when you start feeling less motivated or stressed. Seems like when I get busy, that’s often one of the first things to do, which just feeds the stress. Thanks for the great reminder, Jennifer!

  3. Psychic Nest

    Hi Dawn,

    I really like umbrellas, they give you that cozy feeling when it’s raining and that safety on the top of that. When rainy days come in my life, I have my “Everything happens for a reason” umbrella. That helps me so as not to fret but more to understand the lesson behind the situation. Amazing post, thank you for sharing! I feel really inspired!

    Psychic Nest recently posted…Reincarnation and the AfterlifeMy Profile


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