Gratitude Challenge Day #4

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Gratitude Challenge Day #4 / Yellow maple leaves

Happy Thanksgiving! I hope everyone spends the day with family and friends enjoying some great food and time spent with those you love.

Here’s what we are grateful for this Thanksgiving.


Today, and every day, I’m thankful for my mom. We haven’t spent a Thanksgiving or Christmas together in quite some time as she is in Texas and we are in Georgia. But, I am grateful for all the sacrifices she made when I was growing up so that I could participate in sports like figure skating and horseback riding. I’m grateful for her countless hours spent in the car, or sitting in a skating rink or barn, untold amounts of time sewing my skating dresses and attaching all the tiny sequins one by one, her encouragement in times of doubt, and for instilling in me a self-confidence that has made me who I am today. I am able to meet challenges head on and know how to stand on my own two feet because of her.

So, on this day as we celebrate the things we are thankful for, I hope she knows how much I appreciate all she has done for me and that I love her very much. Thank you Mom! XOXO


I saved my thankfulness for Larry for today not because he wasn’t closer to the top of the list, but because it’s his birthday. I want to celebrate him today.

I’m so thankful for his patience with me, for his understanding and his passion for making a difference in the world. I’m thankful for the hours he spends picking up trash in our community and teaching kids at church and caring for people that others might look straight through.

My appreciation for Larry deepened even more this fall after my daddy passed away. He took care of so many small details so that none of us had to. And there just aren’t enough words to adequately express how very much it means to me to have him beside me on life’s journey.

I love you, honey. Happy birthday.

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