Gratitude Challenge Day #2

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Happy to be here for Day #2 of our Gratitude Challenge! I enjoyed reading all the comments and can’t wait to read what you are grateful for today. Many of us may be thankful for a short line at the grocery store as we start to shop and stock up for Thanksgiving day cooking!

Here is what we are thankful for today:


Sumira, Scott, Dana and the kids I am grateful that on our trip to England this summer I was able to see my best friend Sumira for the first time in 12 years! We have been BFF’s since the first day of 7th grade. But after high school I moved to the US and she went to university in Toronto. After she got married she moved to London and I have not seen her since her wedding in 2003. I was thrilled to get to see, meet her three beautiful children, and to finally get to know her lovely husband Rizwan. It was truly the highlight of the trip!

The great thing about best friends is that even when you haven’t talked to each other in a long time it is like not a single day has passed. That is how we are and I loved every minute of that dinner. I miss her and think of her every day. I hope it will not be another twelve years before I see her again!


Larry TolbertI wanted to start off my week of thankfulness with a post about my husband, Larry, but decided to wait until today since it’s his BIRTHDAY! (Happy birthday, honey!)

In looking for the perfect picture of Larry to upload for this post, I learned something:

He spends an awful lot of time carrying my stuff!

There he was in the National Mall in Washington, D.C. with my purse draped over his shoulder. There’s a picture of him trudging up the hill in San Gimignano (best place EVER!) with my shopping bags. Again, he’s walking through the streets of Kilkenny with my camera bag tucked under his arm. It was amazing to me to see captured in picture after picture a spirit that he showcases so perfectly every day.

He carries a lot of my stuff. First, he’s been there beside me as we’ve explored Mexico, Puerto Rico, Italy, Ireland and the Bahamas. He’s carried not only my bags and sweaters, but my fears and my desire to see new places and experience new things. He’s beside me as we walk through life, carrying my happiness and my sadness, being the spiritual leader in our home, but not in a demanding way, always with a quiet spirit that leads by serving. He puts up with moodiness and has supported me through not one, but two, advanced degrees. He encourages me to believe in myself and to do the things that I was created to do even when they scare me. So today, I am especially grateful for my Larry.


3 thoughts on “Gratitude Challenge Day #2

  1. Nancy Mount

    Day two I am thankful for safety. Proverbs 1:33 says, “But he who listens to me shall live securely and will be at ease from the dread of evil.”

    I have been so heavy-hearted lately with all the ‘breaking’ news. There seems to be so much evil. Every. Single. Day. Terrorists, murders, abductions, hate crimes, drugs, car and plane crashes, alerts, warnings, and so on, until I think I can’t bear hearing another thing. Technology allows us to be notified immediately about breaking news, which means that each day has the potential to be interrupted several times with some type of negative message. A natural reaction would be to live in a constant state of anxiety – and no one would blame one for doing so. But, God tells us that even though we are not guaranteed tomorrow we are guaranteed to be “at ease from the dread of evil.” We should live our lives as a reflection of our willingness to listen to God and live securely because of His grace. So, today, I am thankful that I am under God’s protection, no matter what happens in my life or in the world.

    1. Dana Thompson

      I have been struggling with the same thing for quite some time Nancy. I know it is a “head in the sand” philosophy, but I had to stop watching the news and even got off social media for a few months because the bad news just seemed to be everywhere. I was really getting depressed and had to disconnect.

      That is exactly what prompted me to start The Pink Typewriter Project. I was feeling helpless to make a difference and wanted to do something to spread some positivity and good into the world. My original thought was to use the typewriter to write positive messages on index cards and hand them out to people who I appreciated or who seemed like they need a boost. But it has become so much more than that in such a short time. I’m thrilled that Dawn and I have created a way to reach even more people than I thought possible and I’m hoping the list keeps growing!

      Thanks so much for sharing with us. I hope you will continue this journey with us even after Thanksgiving is over. I love your insights!

  2. Teresa M

    I joined my sister and niece for their choir practice tonight. It has been years since I lifted my voice in a formal setting, and memories of choirs, ensembles, handbells, band, orchestra came flooding in and filled my soul with joy. Many people enjoy their particular genre of music, but I am moved by multiple styles and ages of music. I was raised on wonderful hymns and cantatas, as well as The Beatles, The Stones, The Supremes and Elton John. I can hear a few notes of a song and immediately be taken back to a specific memory. For instance, I was painting a backdrop for a Christmas cantata the first time I heard Silent Night by Manheim Steamroller over the radio in 1987. Tears came to my eyes, brought by the beauty of the song combined with the sadness of this particular holiday season as my father battled cancer. A few years ago, my youngest son surprised me with a trip to Knoxville to see Manheim Steamroller. When they closed with their final encore, Silent Night, tears rolled down my cheeks as I remembered that earlier Christmas and memories of my sweet Deddy.

    So, today, as every day, I am grateful for the gift of music. I can’t begin to imagine how Handel penned The Messiah, but I am forever thankful that God used him to create something so powerful that it has endured centuries.


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