Gratitude Challenge Day #2

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Gratitude Challenge Day #2/red maple leafs

Happy to be here for Day #2 of our Gratitude Challenge! I enjoyed reading all the comments and can’t wait to read what you are grateful for today. I am already feeling more positive and happy knowing that we are all exercising our gratitude muscles.

Here is what we are thankful for today:

Dog looking out of windowDana

I am grateful for our sweet, little farm. Much too often I pull up in the driveway and all I see are the projects that need to get done, the housework looming, or the stalls that need to be cleaned. Like any house, it needs work – the trim needs to be painted, the floors swept (constantly with five dogs!), and their are a million renovations we’d like to do. But my perspective should really be that of gratefulness for having a home at all. How many people would love to own their own home, have grass to mow, floors to mop, and renovation projects to dream about?

It is the place where for the last 13 years we have spent fun times with family and friends, where my horse happily lived out his retirement years, where our dogs enjoy running and playing in the field, and where my husband and I have spent countless hours together in this wonderful life we have built.

Recently, we were considering the idea of a second home where we would retire and sell the farm. The thought of leaving the farm brings tears to my eyes. It is not just a house, but a home where our memories are stored. And I am grateful to have it.


Dana’s post encouraged me to think about home and all that word means to me. The word first makes me think of the important people in my life. I’m thankful for the home I have with Larry and the life we’ve built together, but this year has taught me to treasure the gifts of home that I was given in my first family. I am incredibly blessed to be part of the Camp family, to have had the parents and siblings and nephew and extended family that I’ve had. I’m thankful for each and everyone one of them.

When I think of home, I also think of a very specific place. My parents moved into the house I grew up in two weeks before my brother was born — and YEARS (okay, not quite five) before I was born. My mom still lives there. It is still very much home. That 40 acres contains more memories than I can even recall. I grew up there, learned to read and write and believe in God there, and grew in so many ways there. Larry and I even lived there with my parents for a while when we were having work done on our first house.

Home. For me, it’s definitely high on the list of things for which I am grateful.

2 thoughts on “Gratitude Challenge Day #2

    1. Dana Lynn Thompson

      Oh, that’s a good one!! Doesn’t that bring such a sense of well-being and contentment? If you roll the windows down you can feel the crisp, cool air, smell the scent of burning leaves or the last cutting of a hay field, and see the beautiful fall colors. Definitely my favorite time of year!
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