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I’m never going to be the best and that’s OK

The attitude of millenials seems to be a hot topic of conversation these days. I hear my friends and colleagues complaining about Generation Y’s lack of drive, constant need for approval, and entitlement mentality. It has me pondering the era in which I was raised and how it has affected my view of the world. As a child spending my formative and teenage years in the 1980’s, what was I taught about work ethic, motivation, and success? It was definitely an outlook that has shaped my life in ways I’m only just coming to understand.

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Power through Procrastination: The Art of the To-Do List

When our tasks are too big, it’s terrifying to take the first step. So, we stay put. We play on Pinterest. We put together digital jigsaw puzzles. We reorganize the closet — again.To use the technical term, we procrastinate. And let me tell you, I put the “pro” in procrastinate! Let me show you how I kicked procrastination to the curb!