Because I Like to Make Mountains Out of Molehills

Because I like to make mountains out of molehills / coffee cup and mountain sunrise

Last week was a stressful week full of small annoyances and petty grievances along with a healthy dose of anxiety. Put all those in a big pot and stir them together with a dash of PMS and you have the makings of one unhappy stew of emotions. I made a few mountains out of molehills and by the end of the week I was tired from climbing them.

Being Positive Can Be Hard Work!

If it’s one thing I’ve learned from my own journey towards greater positivity it’s that it is easy to have relapses into negativity. I have them all the time! It’s easy to be positive when things are going your way, but quite another to keep up that optimism when life’s inevitable little irritations arise and even harder when life hits you with a major setback. This is when I have to really work at being positive. The more I practice, the easier it gets. But for me, positivity will always be something I have to consciously work at.

So, after my week was over and thankfully the weekend arrived, I had some time to reflect back on the past few days and my reactions to what had occurred. To be quite honest, I was pretty ashamed of my thoughts. I realized I had been very judgmental of others and probably over reacted (OK, definitely!!!) to certain situations giving them way more weight than they deserved.

Hindsight is a wonderful thing because it allows us to look at events with a fresh eye after the smoke has cleared and analyze what we could have done differently. In this case, I had gotten myself all worked up over a minor matter and really let it get to me. I took my cues from the other person’s perspective instead of from my own and then tried to make myself feel better by being judgmental about the whole event. I stewed over it all week and made myself very unhappy.

I’m a Work In Progress

Afterwards, what made me the most upset was not the event itself, but the realization of how I had let myself fall into old patterns of behavior by not taking the time to try and find a better way to react to a negative situation. I had forgotten one of my favorite quotes, “change your thoughts and you change your world” and let my thoughts run rampant in a bad direction. A relapse for sure, but a learning opportunity and a stepping stone along the road to happiness. Learning to change my perception of events and being less judgmental of others would have made last week a much happier week. I’m still a work in progress, but just realizing I could have done better seems like a step in the right direction!

We are all on this happiness journey together and I hope sharing some of my day to day struggles with positivity and how I hope to overcome them will help someone in some way with their own struggle.

I would love to hear about a time when you realized you made a mountain out of a molehill like I did last week and what you did with that lesson moving forward. I’m hoping I will remember this post and react differently next time.

Contest Coming Soon!

This month with Valentine’s Day just two weeks away, we hope to talk about self-love, how important it is to our happiness, and how it affects the way we interact with others. We are thinking of having a contest this month so stay tuned for details!

Hugs, Dana

4 thoughts on “Because I Like to Make Mountains Out of Molehills

    1. Dana Thompson

      LOL! What can you expect from a sign that is half goat and half fish. I think I’m more the stubborn old goat side of things! Haha! So glad you stopped by and commented Brenda! It is very, very much appreciated to know someone is out there reading and I always get so much out of the comments. Hope the weather is not too bad up North! 🙂

  1. Marquita Herald

    Beautiful post Dana, and congratulations on taking the time to think about the week and the lessons you learned. In my younger days I suffered from some pretty serious anger issues and then as a young adult all those stuffed emotions bubbled over in a most unhealthy way. Part of the process of working through that was to learn to manage my emotions so now I have triggers I use and one of them is that when I begin to feel even a little out of control I put myself on a time out. Giving myself space and honoring my feelings in the moment helps me to avoid sludge build up. Another invaluable tool is my journal. I find writing these experiences down helps me to better understand them and being able to refer back to those notes later on is an added bonus.

  2. Dana Thompson

    Hi Marquita!

    Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting! It’s nice to know there are others out there who have struggled with same issues. I was a very negative person growing up. Pair that with an extreme Type A personality, perfectionism, and an inability to really understand my feelings and it made for some really unhealthy behaviors.

    I love your idea of a time out! What a great tool for stepping back and evaluating your true emotions before you just react to the feeling of the moment. That definitely could have helped me last week. What I realize now was that the anger I felt was really hurt over how the other person had acted. I might have had a different reaction had I taken the time to stop before I reacted.

    A journal is a wonderful thing isn’t it?! I’ve enjoyed keeping a gratitude journal these past few months and I’ve found it very useful to take negative events from the day and find something to be grateful for. Sometimes it’s a hard exercise! LOL! 🙂 Thanks again for contributing to our conversation!


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