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Web designer, horseback rider, tennis player, scrapbooker, author, optimist, positive thinker, wife, animal lover, pet rescuer, and color pink admirer.

Dana and Bolshoi

Time flies …cherish every moment

Time really does fly! My dad used to always tell me that the older you get, the faster time goes. I dismissed this idea in my 20’s, but as I got into my 30’s I felt time speeding up and now in my 40’s a year seems to hurry by at light speed. Those older and much wiser than I am tell me it will continue to go quicker, but I can hardly imagine it going faster than it does now although I am wise enough to know they are right.

Dana and Bolshoi

Because sometimes instant access to the world is soul crushing

I won’t lie to you. This past weekend was kind of rough. For the second time in a week, I was walking out to the pasture to help my 33 year old horse get up from where he had decided to take a snooze. Every time this happens my heart hurts a little more wondering when it will be the last time we will be able to get him back up. For those who don’t know me personally, my horse Bolshoi and I will be celebrating our 31 year anniversary on May 11.

Cute girl in glasses reading to her dog

What if your idea could change the world?

Sometimes I feel like the creative universe throws ideas at us like darts on a dart board just to see what sticks. How many times have you thought of a great idea only to dismiss it and then seen it on an infommercial a few years later? I remember my Dad always talking about a corner in Kissimee, Florida within Old Town that he thought would be perfect for a Checker’s fast food joint. Sure enough, one popped up in that very spot. When the universe sees a passion in you, I think it goes to its long list of creative ideas, finds one that fits, and flings it right at you. It’s up to you to catch it and do something with it. I was hit with one of these ideas this weekend and it slapped me so hard I had to text Dawn right away and say “What if we did THIS?!”

Plan to be happy! / pink heart on white mug of steaming tea with notebook

How a happiness plan can change your life in just 3 weeks

Do you ever feel like you are just drifting through life? You get up, go to work, go to the gym (maybe?), eat dinner, watch TV, go to bed, repeat. You know something is missing, a sense of purpose, but you tell yourself you don’t have time for anything else, so you just live for the weekends when you might get a chance to do something you enjoy. The rest of the week is just a grind to be endured to get to the next weekend. I totally get it. And it doesn’t have to be that way.

Is fear robbing you of your dreams?

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Along with big dreams comes a ginormous amount of fear. Dawn and I shared with each other our fears and I bet they look a lot like yours. I have all of these fears and many, many more swirling around in my head constantly. As we were talking about our big dreams together we could actually see the fear crossing the face of the other person as we dared to dream big. “How dare you?” it screamed. “Who do you think YOU are?!” It was scary, really scary, because we were looking at fear head on and wondering who will blink first. So far, I have always, always, my entire life, blinked first. I’m not going to be the one to back down this time. This is too important.

meadow with daisies

Are you missing your acre of diamonds?

I think many of us struggle with identifying the need for an actual change. We are not outwardly unhappy, but we feel like we are drifting and that something is missing in our lives. We are searching for something and we believe we must make a big change to find it. But do we need to go looking for our acre of diamonds somewhere else or is it already staring us in the face? Does our pursuit of happiness necessitate a big change or does it just require us to be mindful of how we can look at our current situation in a different way?

girl playing tennis

How to know if you’ve ever had a “flash depression”

Last week I think a coined a new phrase in the world of psychology. I call it flash depression. Here’s how it came about. I had a perfectly normal Thursday at work and was looking forward to playing my tennis match that evening. I got to the courts and it was cold and a bit windy, but still, I looked forward to warming up and getting some great exercise playing a sport I love. I had accidentally skipped my morning gym workout (a.k.a I completely forgot to set my alarm AND didn’t have my Fitbit on which automatically goes off at 6:30 a.m.), so I was really hyped about getting my steps in. I’ve got to get my 10,000 steps!

Prize from our Love Letters to Yourself contest

Announcing our Love Letters to Yourself Contest Winner!

We would like to say a special thank you to all those who shared the love this week! We hope that this contest was a reminder to all of us to be kind to ourselves, to try and limit the negative self-talk, and to love ourselves so we can be a blessing to others. The winner of our Love Letters to Yourself contest is (drum roll, please!!!!)…

Pink typewriter with heart stamps

Love Letters to Yourself Contest Day #5

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Here we are at the last day of our contest. There’s still time to get into our drawing by sharing this post on FB, Twitter, or Pinterest! I hope we have given you some food for thought and made you more aware of how you treat yourself on a day to day basis. I have heard from many of you that this is something we are all struggling with. Let’s keep the conversation going this year as we all move toward greater happiness.

pink typewriter with rubber stamps

Love Letters to Yourself Contest Day #4

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This might be my favorite quote for the week (although tomorrow’s is pretty great too!) because I’m sure this one will ring true for many of us, myself included. “Take care how you talk to yourself because you are listening. ” How many times a day do you tell yourself something negative? I know I do it so much that I might not even recognize it anymore. It’s like my brain is stuck on autopilot and the course is set to “shortest route to Put Down-ville.”

Pink Typewriter with Love letters to yourself typed on paper

Love Letters to Yourself Contest Day #1

Hey everyone! Sorry this is a bit late today. Life, and my forgetful mind, sometimes get in the way! But today, better late than never, is the first day of our Love Letters to Yourself Contest! Monday through Friday, we’ll be posting an inspiring, love yourself quote on the blog, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. Share one of these messages on your Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest feed and we’ll put you in a random drawing for our Love Letters to Yourself Gift Pack chock full of cute goodies!

typewriter typing a love letter

Love Letters to Yourself Contest starts tomorrow!

So many of us are good at being nice to others. We thoughtfully pick out gifts for special occasions that we just know the person will love, we lend a shoulder to cry on to a friend in need, and we are the first to congratulate someone else on a job well done. However, we often don’t extend the same loving kindness to ourselves even though research shows we would lead happier and healthier lives if we did.

Because I like to make mountains out of molehills / coffee cup and mountain sunrise

Because I Like to Make Mountains Out of Molehills

Last week was a stressful week full of small annoyances and petty grievances along with a healthy dose of anxiety. Put all those in a big pot and stir them together with a dash of PMS and you have the makings of one unhappy stew of emotions. I made a few mountains out of molehills and by the end of the week I was tired from climbing them. Being positive can be hard work! If it’s one thing I’ve learned from my own journey towards greater positivity it’s that it is easy to have relapses into negativity.