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Power through Procrastination: The Art of the To-Do List

When our tasks are too big, it’s terrifying to take the first step. So, we stay put. We play on Pinterest. We put together digital jigsaw puzzles. We reorganize the closet — again.To use the technical term, we procrastinate. And let me tell you, I put the “pro” in procrastinate! Let me show you how I kicked procrastination to the curb!

Take that, Fear!!

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Fear is a sneaky thing. Just when I’ve conquered one hurdle, I round the next corner and find it there, crouching in the shadows, just waiting to derail me. Take my journey of writing my novel for example. But I’ve learned something important: Fear works hard to keep me cowering. It’s up to me whether I cower or not.

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Spring is Springing @ The Pink Typewriter Project

Hey, everyone! Dana and I are back from our Spring Break and are hard at work on a redo of The Pink Typewriter Project website. We can’t wait for you to see the new look, which we plan to unveil in the next few weeks. Hopefully, the new site will do a better job of showcasing the Pink Typewriter community and sharing what we’re all about. Speaking of which, Dana and I got a great reminder this weekend while taking care of the first item on our to-do list: getting some fun pictures of us to use in the redesign. We had some photo bombers!

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The Power of Passionate, Patient Persistence

I’m GREAT at starting new things. One day, it’s a new plan to walk every day or go to the gym. The next, I’m making a commitment to count my carbs. Then, I’m focusing on learning an awesome new craft. Yet, like so many, I find myself bemoaning the fact that you have to exercise or eat right more than once to be healthy or that it takes hours of practice to learn a new skill. I want to see improvement, and I WANT IT NOW. I am learning the importance of what I call the Power of Passionate, Patient Persistence.

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A 1-Minute Plan to Shape Your Future

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I am reading the most amazing book, The Gifts of Imperfection by Brene Brown. The other night, in the middle of a chapter talking about learning to accept myself for who I am and not who I think I should be, I sent myself an email saying “Blog about ‘as is.'” You’ve seen that, right, on a used car? “As is.” Those words always make me wonder what’s hidden behind that disclaimer. But, when it comes to ourselves, we need to realize that we’ve been created to be just who we are. Each of us is unique; each is special.

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What we need is a comprehensive barns plan!

I heard a wonderful story today from the head of the Georgia Chamber of Commerce as he spoke to our Rotary Club. He told the tale of Georgia’s 1915-1916 study to develop a comprehensive growth plan for the state. Among the advice received, the modern-day committee discovered, was a call for a comprehensive barns plan. In those early years of the 20th century, the proposer reasoned, the state wanted to encourage tourist travel within Georgia and, with hotels few and far between, the solution was simple — investing state funds in sprucing up the lofts of barns so travelers would find a nice place to rest their heads. I love that suggestion.

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Hey there, Lovely! – Week 6 Prompt

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With Valentine’s rapidly approaching, Dana and I want to encourage you to be kind to yourself as well as that special someone. This week, we hope you’ll take part in our Love Letters to Yourself contest by sharing those posts via your favorite social media. To help kick things off, this week’s Tap into Happiness prompt is designed to help you think positive thoughts about yourself. Most of us can easily rattle off a list of things we’d like to change about ourselves, but let’s focus on the good things.

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And Because Sometimes Mountains are Mountains

Dana wrote a great post yesterday about what she learned last week as she caught herself making mountains out of molehills. Well, I completely share Dana’s tendency to do just that — to overreact and make things harder than they really need to be. And I am grateful that the Pink Typewriter journey is helping me at least recognize when I’m doing it even if I haven’t quite been able to stop the reactions all together. For me, though, last week held a completely different lesson.