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Hi, we’re Dana Thompson and Dawn Tolbert, two PR pros dedicated to making a positive difference in the world.

Like most busy women, we find ourselves juggling the competing priorities of family, work, health, hobbies, and service. Some days, it’s enough to make our heads spin. And, all that busyness can leave us tired and worn out. That’s when happiness, energy, and creativity wanes, and we all too often find ourselves struggling to remain positive.

Add to that the constant negativity that seems to be everywhere these days, and it can be enough to have us sobbing in our tea (Dana) or coffee (Dawn).

Like you, we know the struggle to be happy, healthy, and productive is all too real.

We decided to do something about it.

Enter the Pink Typewriter

When Dana finished her Master of Arts in Leadership, her husband Scott gave her an awesome gift – an early 1950s pink Royal Deluxe typewriter, working and fully refurbished. A writer at heart (and in practice!), a lover of nostalgia with a longing for the good old days, and a girl enamored with all things in that most precious and cupcakey scrumptious color of pink, Dana was in heaven.

The gift was extra perfect because of Dana’s family connection to all things typewriter-y. Her great-grandfather repaired typewriters for IBM when the Underwood was their most popular model. Later, her dad became a typewriter repairman, servicing IBM’s then-new Selectric typewriters. Also, Dana is old enough to have learned how to type in high school on an actual typewriter.

This perfect gift, the Pink Typewriter, couldn’t simply sit in Dana’s studio looking pretty. It needed a purpose – and it needed a good one.

A Spark of an Idea

Dana had read a wonderful story in Bella Grace magazine (one of her fave’s for positive inspiration, great writing, and beautiful photography!) about Maya Stein’s Typerider Tour. Maya rode a bike 1,200 miles from Amherst, Massachusetts to Milwaukee, Wisconsin, stopping along the way to let people type the words to a collective poem.

For Dana, the story sparked the idea of creating small cards with positive sayings typed on them to hand out to people around her. It might be the waitress who does an amazing job to whom she wants to show appreciation. Or the person who serves Dana’s very berry refresher at Starbucks, but looks a little down today when she is usually so perky.

You never know when one small gesture could brighten someone’s day or even change their life.

The Pink Typewriter Project is Born

Over lunch one day, Dana shared her idea with Dawn, a writer who was seeking ways to increase the impact her writing has on others. What if, we wondered together, instead of handing out cards to individuals, we shared that same encouragement through a website? We wanted to create a place where busy women like ourselves who are working hard to be a positive force in the world could come and learn, share, and find inspiration and encouragement.

Through the Pink Typewriter Project, we are on a journey – learning to make happiness and wholeness a priority each day, to be more positive, to embrace gratitude, and to be a blessing to others. One small act of kindness can make a difference!

Dana ThompsonDana Thompson

Dana is a web designer, branding and marketing professional, writer, and co-founder of the Pink Typewriter Project. Her life goal is to make a positive difference in this world, one person and one website at a time.

She is working on her first novel centered around her love of tennis and one day hopes to pen a memoir about her life with horses. She has written for NW Georgia Living Magazine, has been featured in Magnolia’s issue on women and technology, and interviewed on Blacksburg Belle, a popular blog for creative business women.

Dana holds a Bachelor of Science in Marketing from Canisius College and a Master of Arts in Leadership from Shorter University. For the past 10 years she has worked full time as a web designer, branding, social media, and marketing specialist and enjoys helping small businesses build a big presence on the web. You can find her web design business at DanaLynnThompson.com.

A former Canadian girl who escaped the cold winters to reside in the sunny southern USA, Dana lives on a small farm with her rock star husband, two horses, and five rescue dogs. She is an avid tennis player and actively helps raise funds for animal rescue.

Dawn TolbertDawn Tolbert

Dawn is a Christ-follower who loves writing. She’s seeking an agent for her first novel while working as a full-time PR professional, freelance writer, and cofounder of The Pink Typewriter Project. A former journalist, Dawn has 20-plus years’ experience in higher education public relations, including experience as a writer, editor, photographer, and designer.

She earned the Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication Studies and English from Gardner-Webb College. There, she helped her friends type their papers on typewriters before getting her first personal computer. While working full-time, Dawn went back to school to earn a Master of Arts in Professional Writing and a Doctor of Education in Higher Education Leadership.

She and her husband Larry are active in their church, where Dawn sings in the choir, teaches Sunday School, and leads a women’s missions/Bible study group. Having learned to type on electric typewriters in high school, Dawn still has to look at the keyboard to be sure which characters are above the numbers 3, 4, and 5.

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It is our sincere hope that you will join us on this journey of discovery. We don’t claim to have all the answers, but we hope sharing our experiences will help others to find great happiness. We look forward to walking down this path together with you.

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