3 Things You Can Do Right Now to Feel More Grateful

Start Each Day with a Grateful Heart

In our inspirational quote for last week, Ralph Waldo Emerson said, “The only person you are destined to become is the person you decide to be.”

That’s good stuff right there! Our thoughts and attitudes really do make a huge impact on how we feel.

In my last two posts, I’ve been sharing my journey toward becoming a more grateful person. (ICYMI, check them out: In the Dark and Quiet of 3 a.m.5 Surprising Lessons from Being Actively Grateful) With a month of practicing gratitude under my belt, I can tell you: It makes a difference. I am noticing such a difference that I constantly find myself telling friends about the power of keeping a gratitude journal.

My idea is to Frame Each Day with Gratitude — starting by writing in my gratitude journal in the morning and again at night. That’s working pretty well for me, but if you’re reading this at 4 p.m. on a Tuesday, don’t wait. Feeling grateful is something you can start at any moment of any day.

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I would love to be able to have a bag full of Pink Typewriter Project Gratitude Journals to pass out to people throughout the day. And maybe someday I’ll be able to do just that. For now, let me encourage you to take the idea out for a spin by trying these 3 Things You Can Do Right Now to Feel More Grateful:

1. Write down three things that make you thankful.

Scribble them on a receipt from your purse, jot them in the Notes app on your phone, or grab a beautiful journal and your favorite pen. However you choose to do it, just start.

2. Give thanks.

Make a phone call or send a text, email or even a handwritten note to someone saying thanks for something he or she has done or for just being an awesome friend. I’m starting to include this as part of every day and have been amazed at how good it makes me feel — and I hope the recipients feel that way, too!

3. Commit to saying only positive things for the next hour.

Or, 30 minutes or even 5 minutes, if that’s all you can muster. But shifting your thinking can help, and if you start thinking positive messages, you’ll begin to be more positive.

What advice do you have on cultivating gratitude? Do you have a great story to share on how you’ve learned to be more grateful? Share it in the comments below.

2 thoughts on “3 Things You Can Do Right Now to Feel More Grateful

  1. Dana Thompson

    I totally agree Dawn! I have been writing down 5 things I’m grateful for before I go to sleep every night and I’ve really noticed a difference already in how much more positive I’ve been lately. Mostly I’ve found myself using it to put a positive spin on a negative experience I had that day and looking at it in a new light or trying to find the silver lining.

    For example, the other night I played really poorly in my tennis match. Normally I’d have trouble sleeping that night, going over all the wrong moves I had made and generally beating myself up over it. Instead, I wrote in my gratitude journal how thankful I was that I was healthy enough to play tennis, how I got some great exercise, spent time with good friends, and enjoyed the beautiful fall weather. All of a sudden the match seemed more like a win than a loss and I slept fine that night. It really does work and the more grateful you are, the easier it is to focus on the good in your life. It only takes a minute or two to follow this practice, but it makes a big difference! 🙂

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